It was the most destroyed town of France during World War 2. Take the train from St Lazare station towards Le Havre and get down at Bréauté-Beuzeville. (You will need approximately 1 hour for a return walk). The Falaise d’Amont. 1, Boulevard René Coty, Etretat, Seine-maritime, 76790, France, 800-246-8357 The white cliffs are magnificent by themselves, but then with the arches it's even more striking. Montez à bord du petit train touristique et découvrez la ville d'Étretat et son point de vue panoramique depuis la falaise d'Amont. Both the train and the buses run at regular intervals, with the last bus being at 1840 hrs from Etretat. Monet painted the scene many times at different hours of the day. It is famous for its white arches on the coastline. To the north of Étretas is the "falaise d'amont" and the chapelle Notre Dame de la Garde. Passengers booking this journey most frequently board their trains from Paris Gare de Lyon and need to travel around 1 mile (s) / 2 km from the city center to get to this train station. Here stands the Notre-Dame de la Garde Chapel, made of stone. From here, visitors can enjoy similar views as from the opposite end of town but of course without the benefit of seeing a third arch. The town of Étretat is right on the water's edge and to the south is the "falaise d'aval" (or Porte d'aval). The Cliff, Etretat, Sunset of 1883 is my favorite. Passengers arriving in Étretat most often arrive at Étretat, Normandie and need to travel around 0 mile (s) / 0 km from this train station to the city center. The stairs and path leading to the top of Falaise Amont seem a bit steeper, especially nearer to the town. Etretat is situated in northwestern France on the coastline of Normandy. The French writer Guy de Maupassant, whom Monet frequently met up with in 1885, likened Porte d’Aval to an elephant dipping its trunk into the sea. Etretat in Normandy: Cliffs or Falaises. However, as at Falaise Aval, once up the landscape is fairly flat. Falaise Amont and Arch at Etretat. GR21: Cliffs of Etretat is a 2.5 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Etretat, Normandy, France that offers scenic views and is good for all skill levels. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. The arch and the 51-meter-high pillar seem to be linked viewed from the beach. Dec 29, 2013 - Get your TGV, TGV Lyria, Eurostar and Thalys train tickets for travel around France and Europe at low fares. And erosion has made those arches from the cliffs. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and nature trips and is best used from April until October. The afternoon hike takes you from the center to La Falaise d’Amont, in the North of Etretat. Etretat is also possible as a day trip from Paris albeit with slightly longer commute. Le Petit Train vous amène à la Chapelle et la Falaise d'Amont, et vous laisse le temps d'admirer ce site exceptionnel durant 40 minutes. However, if you are not staying a full-day, you can head to Le Havre, Honfleur, and Deauville. As for reaching the top of the Falaise d’Aval, a very steep stair-path winds up to the top of the “Falaise d’Amont”. If you show the train ticket, the ride is free. Check also our rental deals and travel guides! Several paintings from Monet were painted in and around Etretat. Le Havre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its dramatic story. There are three well known arches ( L'Arche, La falaise d'Amont and La Manneporte) and an exceptional needle-like structure, referred to in French as an Aiguille.

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