| Now, the first four films in the IMDB 250, I revere. (Mods are not Netflix employees, but employees occasionally post here). The Australian free to air version when first aired in 1997 on Channel 7 was heavily edited in order to obtain an M rating for an 8:30pm timeslot. Ratios: The cropping appears to take place when Netflix attempts to make widescreen films fit the screens. Lance/Vince drug deal is longer and Lance delivers a monologue about being given wrong directions. All of the deleted scenes are shown in a separate section of the DVD, introduced by Tarantino, and are not included in the actual film. 'You don’t go around chopping off the tops of paintings so they fit in the frames you’ve got lying around, and you don’t go around slicing off the edges of movies so you don’t have to deal with letterboxing. The comments below have been moderated in advance. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Flavorwire's film critic Jason Bailey had been left furious by the apparent cropping: 'The framing choices made by a director and cinematographer are important. Many older films which have been modified in the past feature this disclaimer before the start of a movie. The special edition U.S. DVD contains the following deleted scenes: In the Spanish Dubbed Version, when Butch and Fabianne are talking after the shower, the line, "But I do not speak Spanish," was changed to, "I do not speak Portuguese.". But in the Netflix version, it is heavily cropped, with just two characters featuring prominently. Play it now. The other scene included on this DVD takes place at the auto parts yard, where Winston Wolf and the yard owner's daughter flirt and make plans for breakfast. Pulp Fiction elevated Tarantino's status as a must-see director, cementing his aesthetic, thematic interests, and the kinds of stories he was interested in telling as a filmmaker. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Nov 28, 2013 - Pulp Fiction - The final diner scene, Tarantino loves diner scenes. But in order to make these films fit the viewer's screens, they accused the firm of cropping out sections of the original. Press J to jump to the feed. Connections The other scene included on this DVD takes place at the auto parts yard, where Winston Wolf and the yard owner's daughter flirt and make plans for breakfast. Which brings us to #5: Pulp Fiction. Later versions of Pulp Fiction when aired on the Nine Network and SBS have been more lenient, with the Nine Network broadcasting Pulp Fiction at 9:00pm or later with an MA15+ classification, and SBS recently also broadcasting Pulp Fiction with a MA15+ classification. The network television version makes the following alterations: In the United Arab Emirates, a completely different version of the film was released theatrically. Soundtracks. A detailed comparison of the uncut version and the Nine Network version can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvcto3CWTU0&t. | It has been formatted to fit this screen.'. 'And if Netflix is going to insist on doing so, they should at least have the courtesy to tell us they’re monkeying with their merchandise.'. 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Netflix said when it discovers errors, it works to replace the title as soon as possible. | I think it’s incredibly overrated. The taxi ride and conversation between Butch and driver Esmarelda are longer and there's additional dialogue where Butch explains his feelings about being a boxer and killing his opponent Floyd. Dubbed dialogue in Pumpkin and Honey Bunny's opening conversation, Omission of the entire scene after Vincent and Jules get off the elevator talking about foot massages, Omission of a part of the drug transaction scene starting with Vincent's discussion of how his car was keyed, The audio of Uma Thurman snorting cocaine as "Son of a Preacher Man" plays is absent, Inclusion of the "Mia Wallace" interview scene, Omission of the scene where Vincent finds Mia in her overdosed condition, When Butch opens the door to reveal the sodomy of Marsellus, an image of Maynard has been superimposed to prevent from seeing Zed's actual thrusting, Omission of the entire scene where Jules and Vincent argue after blowing Marvin's head off (both in the car and in Jimmy's bathroom), Omission of the entire scene of Jules and Vincent cleaning up the back of the car, Among the list of words cut out: all variations of "fuck", "shit", "God damn", and "nigger". Netflix has 27 million Internet video subscribers in the U.S. with 6 million customers in more than 50 other countries and territories. In the television version, all mentions of The Gimp and all his scenes are deleted. and asks him if he's an "Elvis man or a Beatles man". But film fans and critics have been left angered because they are not told about it. [ALL] So it has come to my attention that netflix seems to be cutting out scenes from some movies, One particular movie being a fan favorite "Pulp Fiction", 4 or 5 scenes that I have noticed to be cut out, even if there are just seconds, those seconds have little things that matter. The scene in which John Travolta's character shoots up show the needle piercing his arm in clear full instead of the optical reframe. This is a scene from the original version of the 1968 film, Cropped: But as this image shows, in the Netflix version the entire table of three people is completely missing. Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace's first encounter in her apartment is longer. Biden campaign releases ad revealing how Honest Abe paid more tax than Trump in 1864 - while today's nurses and teachers pay more than TEN times the amount, REVEALED: Trump to be hit with massive mortgage bill which will hit if he wins a second term: Hundreds of millions in lending is due to be repaid in full before 2024 election, Nancy Pelosi prepares for House to decide election if neither Trump nor Biden win electoral college, Woman's 'demonic' meltdown on Detroit flight gets compared to the Exorcist as she climbs the cabin while swearing profusely, 'She's bright, she's smart, she's beautiful, and the people would love her!' Another additional scene takes place in Esmarelda's cab, where Butch does a lengthier explanation of how he feels about killing the man in the boxing ring. It really concerns me that If one movies is cut and edited, how many other Netflix Movies have had the same done to them? Only thing I can think is that either the studios provided some sort of cut version to Netflix or that the version you watched in the past was a director's cut of some sort with added scenes. It is a small anthology with some crime stories which take place in America. I, quite frankly, don’t think Pulp Fiction is even the fifth best film from 1994, let alone of all-time. The Canadian DVD version of the film includes the two alternate scenes mentioned above, plus a few additional ones. Popular films such as Planet of the Apes, Prometheus and Inglourious Basterds have all been affected - with entire characters often missing in the Netflix versions. Film fans have been left particularly angered because they say the popular streaming service does not inform them that films have been altered. In one scene with Zed talking, where in the original film a small portion of The Gimp's shoulder is visible, the television version removes it by zooming in on Zed. Crazy Credits Trivia The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. A Netflix spokesman said: 'We want to offer the best picture and provide the original aspect ratio of any title on Netflix. All f words are edited or muted, and scenes of violence and drug use was also trimmed. 'When we discover this error, we work to replace that title as soon as possible.'. It is directed in an amazing way and I love the photography of that film. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. There are examples where the Netflix version of an episode may have a different soundtrack based on licensing rights (i.e., Scrubs appearance of "Learn to Fly" by Foo Fighters replaced with other music), but as far as content, that's not Netflix, either. The Vincent Vega/Jules Winnfield story and the Bonnie Situation were first, then the story concerning Vincent Vega and Marcellus Wallace's wife was told, and finally the Gold Watch story was told. President Trump mocked tax authorities for handing him a $10MILLION refund, his disgraced lawyer Michael Cohen claims, Ivanka got paid millions as a 'consultant' on family hotel deals in move which saved her father tax, Trump tax returns reveal, Even Abraham Lincoln paid more! 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'However, unfortunately our quality controls sometimes fail and we end up offering the wrong version of a title. 'This film has been modified from its original version. Goofs From what I've read it's not Netflix that edits the films, it's just the versions that the studios are sending them. Popular: Quentin Tarantino's hit Inglourious Basterds also does not appear to escape the attention of the croppers, Different: Despite the original scene showing a table of five people, the Netflix version centres in on just two characters, Classic: This is the original version of the 1984 film Dune, Missing: But as this image shows, the version which Netflix subscribers see misses out two characters. Published: 05:03 EDT, 18 July 2013 | Updated: 11:44 EDT, 19 July 2013. Cut: But in this Netflix version, Jim Carrey's character is completely missing from this scene Worrying: Classics such as Planet of the Apes are also affected. Film streaming website Netflix has been criticised after some of its movies appeared to have been secretly cropped  - with viewers often not seeing half of the original scenes. The pace is completely sped up which I think ruins a big part of what makes it so good. Netflix doesn't edit movies, they stream whatever source content the studios provide. In a scene from the 1968 classic Planet of the Apes, half of the original version is cut from the Netflix film, resulting in viewers not seeing a table of three characters. As reported by Gizmodo, a Tumblr page, called What Netflix Does, highlights the extent of the problem. Although uncut in UK cinemas, the video versions were all re-framed to remove the sight of the needle piercing John Travolta's arm. Director Quentin Tarantino's 1994 film Pulp Fiction presents three intertwined stories presented in such a way that it's key you figure out the chronological order of all the episodes. Pulp Fiction was a big surprise to me. Film critics claimed the cropping occurs because Netflix prefers to show wider-screen films. A longer scene of Vincent Vega purchasing heroin at Lance (Eric Stoltz)'s house, complaining about how rude people are. Mia asks Vincent if he's related to folk singer Suzanne Vega and then proceeds with a series of trivia-like questions on his personal preferences ("Brady Bunch or the Partridge Family?") A Special Collector's Edition has been released on video in the Spring of 1996. Before leaving to have dinner to the Jackrabbit Slim's, Mia interviews Vincent while shooting with a hand-held video camera. Eric's character complains about how he had asked for directions one time and was given incorrect instructions. All of the deleted scenes are shown in a separate section of the DVD, introduced by Tarantino, and are not included in the actual film. On Monday morning, the streaming and rental service Netflix debuted the 1994 Tarantino classic Pulp Fiction. | This re-framed version is the one which was also shown on network TV (BBC 2). New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. A scene from the original version of Quentin Tarantino's hit Inglourious Basterds features a table of five people. Most network television prints eliminate (or at least blank out) profanity and dialogue to an absurd degree. Quentin Tarrantino did a great job in that film and the actors like John Travolta and Samuel L. Pulp Fiction was a big surprise to me. Controversial: Film streaming website Netflix has been accused of secretly cropping its movies which often results in viewers missing up to half of the original image. The film ended with Butch and Fabian riding off on the chopper. So it has come to my attention that netflix seems to be cutting out scenes from some movies, One particular movie being a fan favorite "Pulp Fiction", 4 or 5 scenes that I have noticed to be cut out, even if there are just seconds, those seconds have little things that matter. This explains a later comment ("An Elvis man should love this") that Mia makes in the theatrical version. In the 1999 film Man on the Moon, the lead character Jim Carrey is cropped out entirely from a scene in the Netflix film. This film has one at the beginning and the end. They don't want people to have easy access to the theatrical version via Netflix, they want people to buy the bluray. Quotes Pulp Fiction is a 1994 American neo-noir black comedy crime film written and directed by Quentin Tarantino, who conceived it with Roger Avary. Italian DVD version is a slightly cut television version that omits some footage showing Marcellus Wallace being sodomized by Zed. The film was re-edited so that each story was told without intercutting. Unofficial Netflix discussion, and all things Netflix related! However, the firm this afternoon said it was not cropping films but occasionally offered the wrong version of a title. For example, the aftermath of the scene where Vincent shoots Marvin by accident is replaced by a fade to black and a John Travolta sound-alike saying "Oh man I just shot Marvin in the face", and Butch's profane outburst in the hotel room is silenced (both making his physical rage unintentionally comical and neutralizing the actual punchline, "It's not your fault."). This shows the original version of Last Action Hero, Altered: As this image shows, the Netflix version again cuts out a large section of the original, Original: This is a scene from the 2004 film The Passion of the Christ, Radical: But in the Netflix version, it entirely missed out one of the men hanging on a crucifix. Farm Heroes Saga, the #4 Game on iTunes. The use of the word "bitch" is permitted in some cases ("Does he look like a bitch?") Considering the slow transition of internet-film … The two scenes are as follows: The 2011 UK blu-ray is the full uncut version of the film. Netflix editing scenes out of movies. The version of Zero Dark Thirty they have is heavily edited. This edition includes a supplementary 11-minute section that features director Quentin Tarantino introducing two never-before-seen scenes, not included in the original theatrical release. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. The video version released in Saudi Arabia was similar to the one released theatrically in the United Arab Emirates. During the scene where Bruce Willis is drying himself off after the shower, the TV version digitally stretches his towel so it covers him up. The only scene that I can remember off the top of my head if the text conversation before the suicide bomb at the base, but I had noticed differences before that. This is a scene from the original Man on the Moon starring Jim Carrey, left, Cut: But in this Netflix version, Jim Carrey's character is completely missing from this scene, Worrying: Classics such as Planet of the Apes are also affected. Longer Monster Joe's Truck yard sequence.